The MIT Japan 3.11 Initiative is MIT’s response to the March 2011 triple disaster in Japan. This Initiative, established by the MIT-Japan Program at the Center for International Studies, will provide a mechanism for faculty and student exchange between MIT and universities in the Tohoku region for the study and implementation of disaster-resilient planning. MIT President Susan Hockfield challenged us to take an “MIT-like initiative” to assist our Japanese colleagues and expects that the Initiative “will do something impactful and important in helping the country recover from the 3/11 catastrophes.”
Beginning in Summer 2011, Tané Valley in Shiga Prefecture will be the base of operations for the MIT Japan 3/11 Initiative: Disaster-Resilient Planning, Design & Reconstruction from the MIT Japan Program at the MIT Center for International Studies.


For more information, download the MIT Japan 3/11 proposal.


View of Minami-Sanriku after the tsunami